Increasing Student Burden

Private gifts relieve student financial burden and supplement Texas A&M’s educational budget as state funds continue to decrease and tuition and fees continue to increase.

Tuition and Fees

State Funding

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The percentage of Texas A&M’s budget that is covered by state funds and tuition has held steady throughout the decades at 57 to 59 percent. As state funds decrease, tuition and fees increase to make up the difference. Students now shoulder more than one-third of Texas A&M’s budget, a huge jump from the late 1990s, when tuition comprised only about one-fourth of the budget.

Planned Giving by the Numbers

The Foundation’s Office of Gift Planning helps donors establish after-lifetime and dual-benefit gifts that will aid Texas A&M University and its students in the future. For fiscal year 2015, the Foundation documented $76 million in planned gifts.


Total value of planned gifts documented


Number of planned gifts documented

$1 to $9,391,667

Range of gift value


Value of realized gifts during fiscal year 2015


Value of realized gifts in the last 10 years

New Endowments Breakdown

The Foundation prides itself on enhancing the academic experience at Texas A&M University for both students and faculty. Donors who create endowments for scholarships, chairs, professorships and fellowships are leaving a legacy that enhances Texas A&M’s core mission of providing the highest-quality undergraduate and graduate programs.


Total scholarship and faculty endowments in fiscal year 2015

$1 Gift total

Gifts Received by Type

The majority of gifts received by the Foundation in fiscal year 2015 include current gifts of cash, pledges and revocable or irrevocable planned gifts.

*This total includes cash gifts, future pledge payments at full face value, and revocable and irrevocable planned gifts

Gift Comparison

Gift Type

Gift Total


The Foundation received more than $110 million in current gifts of cash or pledges and more than $76 million in planned gifts during fiscal year 2015. Realized bequests make up the remaining portion in total dollars received.

*This total includes cash gifts, future pledge payments at full face value, and revocable and irrevocable planned gifts.

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