Texas A&M Foundation 2015 Annual Report

Welcome to the Texas A&M Foundation’s 2015 online annual report.

George K. Hickox and Eddie J. Davis

A New Annual Report

This site provides more information about the Foundation’s past fiscal year in an interactive and engaging manner. As you scroll through the site, we hope that you are inspired by the Foundation’s accomplishments over the last fiscal year.

In the Financials section, learn more about the Foundation’s 2014-2015 performance. This section includes many never-before-seen statistics, including our long-term investment pool growth, top corporate and foundation donors, and maps showing, to the penny, from where our gifts hail.

The Initiatives section showcases four notable gifts we received during the past fiscal year in addition to the enormous impact these gifts are having on students, faculty, colleges and programs. The Impacts section identifies four projects that we consider top fundraising priorities moving forward.

At any point during your visit, please feel free to give us your feedback by filling out the four-question survey. It will appear to the right of your screen after you’ve scrolled through a portion of the site. You can also email us at info@txamfoundation.com with any comments or suggestions about the new annual report.

And finally, as you read, remember that everything the Foundation accomplishes would not be possible without you. This report is, above all, a tribute to your longstanding support.

George K. Hickox '80

Chairman of the Board

George K. Hickox

Eddie J. Davis '67


Eddie J. Davis